Thursday, February 23, 2012

PIcture Perfect #1

Good Day!

I was thinking I would start a reoccuring Post of something I love! Maybe some amazing PHOTOS!

I love photography and love coming up with all the ideas, but yet cant take a picture at all! I am actually going thru a bit of a picture withdrawl. Erik and I actually had 2 engagement sessions. One I was a brunette and the other I was a bouncy Blonde with lots of "Number Props"! Our Photographer, LISA KELLY PHOTO,  was absolutley amazing and she had even more great shot ideas than i could even dream of! (dont worry I will post some of my fav pics at the end!). Then we had 600+ photos from our Perfectly Non-Perfect Wedding!

So for this first Post I am going to post some of My Favorite "Erik and Ashley Forever and Always Photo's"!

All of these Pictures were taken by the Fantastic Lisa Kelly Photo ( , Lisa Scherer and her Wedding Partner in crime Kelly Ferguson. Love them Both and they will always be taking our photos from here on out!

First Engagement session: A cold, dark, terenchial down pour, evening in November! Pictures were taken at the Renissance in downtown St. Louis, MO, but Perfectly non-perfect! 

This was a last minute photo when we realized we had an umbrella and it was Pouring!

 I really like this one too, because it is very editorial looking! Love how dark and classy it is...

This was our X-mas Card and Save the Date photo!

 I was so excited about this pic! Anyone that knows me knows my small obsession with the Starbucks!

Engagement Session 2: I contacted Lisa when I had a crazy idea for our table numbers and also wanted to a bright, summer shoot! Pictures taken at Faust Park in Chesterfield, MO.


This one was meant to be a teaser for the reception! We had 250 ballons filling the ceiling at our recepiton..created such a unique atmosphere and very reasonably priced decorations!

 he is such a ham....

THE BIG DAY: 10.22.11. Wedding was at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in St. Ann, MO. Wedding Party pics taken at Forest Park in St. Louis, MO and Reception was at Spazio at West Port in St. Louis,MO also...

 My favorite family photo... My Gorgeous parents and my Good Lookin Siblings..

My Girls at the Muny! Notice they all have different facial expressions! perfectly non-perfect!

This is "The Wedding Pic" we are getting this as our BIG Photo for the house...

BRIDAL WAR! I went to school with the other groom and ran into each other at the MUNY! Their HUGE wedding party had nothing on our Gang.. Thanks Mr. and Mrs. McCormick for being so much fun!

BEST FOR LAST! I ADORE THIS PICTURE! This is my hands down, absolute favorite picture and I kinda of tear up everythime I look at it... I love that it represents the great City of St. Louis and yet is a perfectly romantic picture. P.S. I got to pull the Bride Card to get this picture. The ledge was scattered with people and I just Yelled "excuse me, can I have everyone move for like 45 seconds!" they did!

OK I know that was alot, But know you never have to see or hear about these again... lol.. Comment if you have suggestions of types of pictures you want to see! or if you have any picture Ideas!

have a wonderful day....

everything happens for a reason_Ashley 

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  1. I love your little blog Ash! Your a great writer. This blog post made my day!! I am so thankful to have such an amazing client and friend as you :)