Tuesday, February 21, 2012

They control my life so why not make them my first Post!

The Husband

This is the Husband..My Forever and Always (as of 10.22.11) and the one with the first hand look into my quirkiness! He truely appreciates my non-perfectness. I really do try and be the ideal housewife and cook dinner, dishes, clean, and entertain with class, But in reality this occurs maybe once a week! I am a horrible cook and yet he eats what ever i try and create. I recently have been in a crafty mood and he may think my crazy ideas are unneccessary, in the end he compliments them and allows me to proudly display them in our home! Stay tuned for whats to come in the first years of our marriage...
The Pups!
aka: Sammy Girl (yellow) & Shaney Boy (other one)

So these 2 can be more difficult than children, but we love them... Shane was Erik's dog before we got married and we actually share the same birthday! He is a complete wuss, but yet very loyal! Sammy, on the other hand has doggie ADD! She is about 18 months old and has so much energy that if we could get her to focus could be one of those competitive trick dogs! She is our escapee and loves to jump the back fence and run the neighborhood. Which is why I am non-perfect doggie mom, running around the neighborhood like a hot mess with my bed head hair, husbands shoes, and God knows what I am wearing. My neighbors think im crazy!  Oh this also always happens when it is raining or snowing or freezing cold, so it is never a pleasant experience.All trying to get this crazy dog back to the house!

So excited about this blog and please hold tight as i get the page set up exactly how i want it!

everything happens for a reason _ Ashley

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