Thursday, March 1, 2012

Saving the Planet of just cluttering my cabinets?

So, I have this really strong addiction to CUPS! From coffee cups, to tumblers, to unique glass wear and wine glasses, I even have a light up margaritta glass... Yesterday I was at one of my favorite stores, KIRKLANDS, and I ran across this HUGE 36oz tumbler! I had to get it. Im hoping it will help me get my daily intake of H20, but  this summer it will be the greatest friend sitting on the river sipping on adult beverages.

But then there is the go green aspect of all my cups they are refillable and so much better for the planet than plastic bottles. also this addiction can be supported because it saves money! 36oz thats enough beverage to get me thru a day at work and wont need to purchase soda, etc.

If you run across a unique cup that I have to have, feel free to let me know!

everything happens for a reason_Ashley

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